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Pet Friendly Design Trends

For almost 70% of Americans, pets are considered family members and as such, there has been a significant rise in pet-friendly design trends incorporated into remodeling projects. No matter what your style, there are plenty of ways to make your home comfortable for both you and your pet.

With San Diego’s trusted remodeling company, Remodel Works, making your furry friend feel like one of the family is simple, affordable, and customizable. Whether your pet is large or small, there are many options for pet-friendly design trends that you can choose for your home.

Pet-Proof Flooring

When it comes to flooring in your newly remodel home you don’t want to waste money on beautiful hardwood floors only to have they scratched up by playful puppies. Invest in something practical like pet-proof flooring. High-end linoleum is a great option for pet owners. While linoleum may be a cringe-inducing word for those looking for quality remodel, this isn’t the cheap stuff you had in your first apartment. Another alternative for pet proof is concrete which offers a sturdy surface that won’t scratch and is more modern option. No matter what material you choose, Remodel Works only carries products from world renowned vendors that will fit flawlessly into your pet friendly remodel.

Cat Ramps

Anyone with a cat knows the constant struggle of keeping the curious creatures off countertops and tables. A perfect solution for cat owners is installing customized cat ramps that offer a exciting opportunities for them to explore and pet friendly design trendsroam around their home. At Remodel Works we have skilled designers who can create a custom remodel that will meet both you and your cat’s needs. Cat ramps can be built with shelving that matches your personal style and décor theme. From rustic to modern we can help you build cat ramps that will blend in seamlessly.

Built-In Feeding Area

There’s nothing more annoying than knocking over a bowl full of dog food or sloshing water all over your clean floors because you pet’s food bowl is in the way. A built-in feeding area keeps food where it belongs and ensures a clean kitchen. Not only does it make for a much tidier look, it makes things much more convenient for your pet.

Personalized Pet Space

Just like we like to escape to our rooms to relax, pets need a special place they can sleep. Creating a customized nap spot for your pet can make them feel like part of the family and provide stability in their daily lives. A personalized space for your pet can be incorporated effortlessly into your remodel. From a cut out space under the staircase to a spacious area in the living room, your pet can have a space all their own in the family home.

Whatever pet-friendly design trends you choose to incorporate into your house for the four-legged member of your family, Remodel Works Bath and Kitchen can help is the trusted San Diego contractor you can rely on. Our work is always top-notch quality and will make your house feel like a home.



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