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Powder Room Remodel

Powder Room Remodel

A powder room or two-piece washroom contains only a sink and a toilet. Often, it’s the bathroom your guests use when they’re over. Powder rooms are usually pretty small, so they can be difficult to really decorate, and there may not be a whole lot of storage in them. Even though they’re on the small side, you can still transform them into a very nice space during a remodel if you look at how you can fully maximize the space.

Pick the Perfect Color

Powder rooms are small, so you want to be sure whatever colors you go with help to make the space feel larger. Many people tend to think beige, off-white, tan, or shades of yellow to help open up the space. However, because people expect powder rooms to be on the small side, you can actually feel free to go with darker colors, too. You’re not trying to make a bedroom look spacious, after all. No one expects a grand powder room, so go with navy, dark green, chocolate, burgundy, or any other color you love. This is one area where it’s okay to embrace the small size and forget about all those visual tricks that make rooms look bigger.

Style is Important

Once you have a color picked out, you can decide on what style you’re going to go with. You want something that works well with the room or hall that connects to the powder room. This is one area where you don’t need to hold back, though. Going big and bold here is fine. Again, use the small size to your advantage. Something that might be too overpowering in another space may be just perfect for the smaller powder room.

Décor for your Powder Room Remodel Defines the Space

Just because powder rooms are small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t décor them. Some small pieces of art on the walls, decorative towels, and a few other little additions to the counter can bring your sense of décor into the room. You don’t need to overcrowd the storage space in the powder room, either. Some extra rolls of toilet tissue, extra soap, and a couple more hand towels should be everything you need to keep in the cabinet.\

How to get started on your powder room remodeling project

Remodeling your powder room doesn’t take much—most people don’t even move the fixtures around since there’s not a lot of space to work with. Use this space to explore your sense of style, and don’t worry too much if you later decide it doesn’t work. Since it’s so small, it’s a fairly easy space to remodel again later.



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