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Questions To Ask Before A Room Addition

Have you scrutinized showrooms and remodeling magazines? Have you explored your friends’ homes and maybe even compiled a scrapbook with ideas? If you have the ideas, the goal and the budget, you are all but set to plunge into a room addition project. However, before you continue, go through these questions to make sure you have really thought everything through.

What is your ideal home?

It can be surprisingly difficult to see past the present state of things. To make it easier, forget about what your home looks like now, close your eyes and imagine your ideal home. Try to be detailed and don’t restrain your creativity. When you are done dreaming, analyze your real home and notice what can be done to bring it closer to the ideal. Your dream home will also give you an insight into what is most important to you. When you are aware of the differences between these two homes, you can start making decisions that include room additions, remodeling or both.

Will the addition make your home more valuable?

Selling your home might be years and years down the road, but it’s very likely you will resell it one day. Or maybe you’ll be taking out some home equity loan, where the value of your home will be crucial. For these reasons think about the payback and the resale value of the addition.

What pays back most is also the priciest: a two-story addition with a family room below a master suite. However, this may not always be true, but what does always pay off is adding amenities that are highly desirable in your area. If your neighbors have master suites, it would be a good investment to get one.

Is there a cheaper way of reaching your goals?

Just because you will not make a profit on your addition, doesn’t mean you should drop it. If it is something you are doing so you and your family could enjoy your home more and if you are planning to stay in your home for at least 5 years, go for it. But, maybe you’d like to consider other ways of achieving the desired result at a lower cost. Remodeling or reconfiguring the space could save you a lot of money.

What are your local zoning restrictions?

Zoning restrictions vary, but there are some that apply to residential areas in general. There are strict regulations regarding how you can expand your home and how many feet from it you can expand. There are also rules how close you can get to wetlands or how much of your lot you can cover in impermeable materials such as concrete (paving included). There are also limitations on how much buildings can grow in height. Definitely explore the regulations in your area.

How will the addition blend in?

The addition will bring you most pleasure if it really looks like it belongs in your home. It should tie into the style of the house, the overall structure and of course, the materials. Think about the windows, too. This is the point when you need the best possible partner as most general contractors don’t pay enough attention to this.

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