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Cabinetry Solutions: Refinish, Reface, or Replace Your Cabinets

Remodeling comes in many different phases. The preliminary step is realizing that changes need to be done in your home. Once that is settled, you need to decide what area to start with and whom to work with. As soon as that it selected the fun starts, deciding on a design, picking out materials and finally being patient while the actual remodel gets going. In any case remodeling requires you to make a lot of decisions. Common areas to change range from flooring, painting, changing fixtures, new counter-tops, but most importantly what are you going to do with the cabinets. Typically cabinets are the biggest expense in any remodel especially in a kitchen remodel. There are few options to choose from when it comes to changing the cabinets. Cabinets can be refinished, refaced or replaced. Clarifying each scenario will make the remodeling decisions a little easier.

Cabinets Refinishing is using your existing cabinets and changing the color or “finish”. This process is done so by sanding down what is already there and painting or
staining to obtain a new look. If the existing cabinets are in good condition, but the color or stain is worn out, refinishing is a good option to consider. There are different stains, paint colors and glazes to choose from. This route can is one way to spruce up your cabinets without spending too much.

Refacing your cabinets is another way to alter your cabinets without completely replacing them. When you think of refacing cabinets, think of the face, the front of cabinets changing, the interior will be untouched. Another term to associate refacing with that helps tell apart is resurfacing. In this scenario always remember that the door is the only thing changing. For instance going from a frame less door to a shaker door or recessed door, all in all the door style is the change with refacing.

Replacing cabinets is just that, taking out existing cabinets and replacing with all new cabinets. The benefit of replacing is the fact you can pick a new material for your cabinets, change the color, door styles, layout, and storage capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Almost all new cabinets are also warrantied. Another plus when replacing cabinets is that you can change the layout, which would be the ultimate way to remodel the space.

CabinetsIn most cases what you do with your cabinets is one of the biggest changes you’ll come across in a remodel. Budget wise refinishing is going to be the least expensive and more affordable option while replacing cabinets will be the most costly. But something to keep in mind is the small details of functional cabinets that you may have on your wish list. Such options include, soft close drawers and doors, all wood drawers, wine bottle rack and wine glass rack, color, storage, the list goes on. If these details are high on your list then replacing may be your best option.

All in all, your remodel depends highly on how you feel about the current space, especially your cabinets. If they just need a new paint job, then your projects maybe a tad smaller to accomplish, less expensive and not as much wait time. While on the other hand if you decide that you can’t stand your current cabinets, you’re looking at refacing or replacing, which allow you to really get a new look. Weigh out the pros and cons, and decide if refacing, refinish or replacing is the route for you!



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