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Top Shower Tile Designs & Trends

Shower tiles - remodeling San DiegoThe tile is the most prominent and most common element in a bathroom design, which is why you have to weigh all your options when choosing the pattern you are going to use when you start planning your bathroom remodeling project. Ceramic tiles have been replaced with unique materials allowing today’s homeowners to infuse more creativity, design and personality into their bathrooms. Our bathroom designers are sharing some of their favorite and latest shower tile designs and trends.

Unique Tiles – Reclaimed Wood Tiles
The tile world has seen some crazy new additions to shower tile patterns in the past couple of years, including tiles made of leather, metal, and other unusual sources. The latest addition is a wood tile shower which uses tiles made from reclaimed wood. They come in all color variations and sizes, and will give your shower or shower floor an organic, rustic look. The wood tiles are ideal for your entire home and not just the bathroom wall or floor tile. You can even mix them with other tile types for a unique, inspired look.

Fake Marble Tiles
While marble looks great in a bathroom, some of its properties make it highly unpopular in the bathroom remodeling world. It is frail, easy to stain and extremely hard on your budget. However, the fake marble tiles are a great replacement, with delicate marble veins and depth making it almost indistinguishable from the original. If you are on a smaller budget, but still want a luxurious look for your walk-in shower, faux marble tiles should be your first choice.

3D Tiles
Truly unique on the tile market, 3D tiles will give your shower area an extra dimension. They come in all shapes, like round and angular, and you can arrange them as you see fit, giving your tiled shower wall a dash of individuality. Go for a futuristic look with angular 3D tiles, or use round stone tiles and give your shower a cobbled, natural feel.

Glass Tiles
Glass tile has become more popular because of the number of customization options that are available. The radiant, translucent and iridescent design of this tile perfectly reflects light in an assortment of hues and patterns, making the bathroom master shower or kitchen interior design feel more extensive and all the more inviting. Glass wall tile comes in many vibrant and bold colors, combined with a reflective quality making it the ideal choice for bathroom tile design or kitchen backsplash upgrades.

Mosaic Tiles
Fragmented mosaic tile patterns on rectangular or square tiles are a great way to express your creativity. You can play around with the various shapes to achieve a psychedelic effect of a kaleidoscope or create a tile mural. The shapes can range from simple lines and shapes, to stained glass type look, to completely abstract, unique patterns.

Aquatic tiles
From squares to octagons to little shell-shaped patterns on traditional tiles, aquatic tiles are the next big trend in bathroom tile ideas for remodeling. Mixing several shades of blue and white will give your bathroom a colorful look and a seaside feel.

Bathroom Remodeling San Diego
With over 30 years of experience, Remodel Works is the premier bathroom and home remodeling company in San Diego. Give us at call at 1-858-413-2305 to learn more about your shower tile options for your bathroom remodel project.



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