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San Diego Back To School Remodeling

Finally! It’s back to school season, so you can do your San Diego back to school remodeling! The kids may dread the thought of daily math and science lessons, but you can focus on the home improvement projects you’ve been waiting to do.  Have you always wanted to expand your kitchen and add granite countertops? Now you can! With a few tips you can turn your home into one that will be completed before the kids need a chauffer and chef every minute of every hot summer day.



Carmel Valley Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be relaxing and rejuvenating from those chaotic days.  Creating an elegant space starts with the design, some new popular designs are the freestanding tubs. They offer a unique space and give you plenty of room to lay back and soak up the suds. Color is also important when creating a serene room. Stay away from that back to school red apple color and stick with light tones such as white, grey, and tan to create a neutral atmosphere. That way, you can add a splash of color that will blend nicely. You can finally use those great neon blue towels you’ve always loved!



San Diego Kitchen

 The kitchen should be designed to add space and value to your home. Kitchen islands can be a fun and popular way to add drawer and table space for cooking. It creates a nice path in a kitchen and can double as a bar table for guests to sit around. When your kids get home from school demanding a snack, it’s a quick easy way to lay some food out without setting the dinner table or running around trying to cook dinner for 5 other people.  You can also have fun with a backsplash, something that really makes the room pop with creativity




Now that you have the main projects underway, you can also think about updated that fireplace, garage addition, or any other room that isn’t the way you would like it. Unused attics can be turned into remarkable room additions for the kids to play in. The extra garage space can be turned into a guitar room for your husbands’ musician aspirations, and the additional space on the deck can be turned into a sunroom for you to soak up the rays with a book in hand.



Home remodeling should be the project you’re motivated to start and finish. There are easy ways to get started and the results are a breath of fresh air. Wave goodbye to your kids as the bus pulls away and say hello to a beautiful new home!



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