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San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Spring Trends for 2016

Bathroom Remodeling Spring TrendsYou’ve finally decided that this spring you are going to give your bathroom a fresh new look, but you want to be up to date with the current San Diego bathroom remodeling trends and want your bathroom to still look up to date in 10 or 20 years. Our San Diego bathroom remodel experts are here to offer you a few tips and guidelines, and share with you a few bathroom remodeling trends that are taking this season by storm!

Bathtub as the staple of your new bathroom

Bathtub designs are becoming more elegant and diverse. If you are a bath aficionado, having a comfortable bathtub should be the prime focus of your bathroom remodeling project. There are various designs to choose from, all depending on whether you like to take long, soothing baths and just soak and relax, whether you prefer taking a long shower or maybe a combination of both. There are various designs to choose from. Depending on the size of your bathroom you might want a stylish plate bathtub as a centerpiece or a corner bathtub that will save you space and money. Whichever you go for, be sure that it brings a dash of luxury to your new bathroom.

High-tech experience

We live in an age of technological evolution, where an average smartphone has more computing power than your old PC. In an age where everything is wireless there is no need to keep your bathroom outdated. We all love to sing in the shower, but why not take it one step further and install Bluetooth speakers in your shower and have something to actually sing along to. Bathrooms are being built with smartphones in mind, so that your mirror or tub might have a docking station for your smartphone.

Why not think outside of the box and even install a high-definition TV in your bathroom so you can catch up on that show you’ve missed while taking a long, relaxing bath. You can even use the TV to catch the latest news while you are getting ready for work in the morning. Furthermore, you can consider installing LED lights throughout your bathroom. They are an energy efficient solution and can provide your bathroom with romantic and soothing highlights.

Consider floor heating

Nobody likes to freeze right after a soothing, hot bath, especially in the winter. That is why you should consider in-floor heaters so that you don’t have stand on the freezing cold titles every time you step out of a shower of a bath. Floor heating is practical because it warms you from your feet up and is highly energy efficient. There are two types to choose from: hydronic and electric. Electric heaters are easier and less expensive to install because they drain power from your home’s electrical power. Hydronic or water heaters need a separate source of power like a central heater to warm the water that flows through the pipes. It is more expensive to install but it is more sustainable that the electric option in the long run.

Fire and water

If you want to give your bathroom an additional dash of luxury, and have a sufficient budget for your bathroom remodeling project, you might find this particular trend interesting. Our San Diego bathroom remodel designers report that their customers are showing more interest in adding flame features to their bathroom. Things like ventless fire are easy and cheap to install and add an interesting touch to your bathroom. A small fireplace in your bathroom is not only romantic, but also incredibly stylish and is sure to impress your guests and show that you have impeccable taste.

Going pet-friendly

An increasingly popular trend, pet-friendly bathrooms are in high demand this spring. Things like built-in and concealed kitty litter boxes and pet-washing areas are heaven-sent for every pet parent. You could add a waist-high spray to give your sweetie a quick bath at home, rather than taking him for a grooming elsewhere. If you go for the floor heating option like we previously suggested, be sure that your pet will be happy and grateful as well.

San Diego Bathroom Remodel with Style

Whether you decide to go with one or all of these, Remodel Works can help you turn your dream bathroom into reality as we follow all the current bathroom remodeling trends. Our San Diego Bathroom Remodel experts boast over three decades of experience and are available for free consultations and a free quote, no strings attached.



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