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Your San Diego Dream House

Picture your San Diego dream house.  Whether it’s a small cottage on the beach or large cabin in the mountains, imagine every small detail you can think of that would make it unique and special to you.  Once you have that image, walk in to that home and look around.  Stroll through your ravishing living room that’s perfect for a cozy night by the fire; Take a peak into your grand bathroom, where it seems like you could spend forever in; at last glide through your kitchen and revel-in its awe.  Gaze across your gorgeous granite countertops, charming cupboards, and beautifully unique backsplash that harmonize perfectly to create a room that inspires.  Now sit down and relax, because your dream home has been achieved and your worries are no more.  When it comes to interior design, Remodel Works is at the top of its class, which is why we have had the pleasure of working in so many great homes and neighborhoods throughout California.  This contemporary kitchen rests in the pleasurable seaside community of La Jolla, San Diego.  Characterized by intense beautiful and modern homes, spending a day in La Jolla is always easy on the eyes.

San Diego Dream House

Therefore the owners wanted a vibrant yet laidback feel to their kitchen, and as usual Remodel Works was up for the challenge.  The kitchen is characterized by a simple yet meticulous design.  Although quaint in size the designers were able to fit every accessory that a kitchen needs, while maintaining a grandiose and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.  The space features a Blanco Biscuit sink along with elegant Akoya polished granite countertops.  In terms of cabinets, the recent trend in the business is a simple cabinet design with a modern look and fresh feel to it.   This kitchen exemplifies that perfectly with its smooth wooden design yet vibrant ambience at the same time.  The natural bamboo material and style was handpicked by the home-owner’s themselves.  Along with the charming green marble backslash each addition comes together perfectly to render the character of the room that the homeowners envisioned.  And when the job was all said and done we all could say with confidence, that we were proud to be apart of it.

San Diego Dream House

This home is one of the many examples of a remodel project that left our customers with a positive and satisfied experience.  Here at Remodel Works every employee understands the time and effort that goes into a kitchen remodel, especially the affect that the construction can have on the stress of the homeowner.  Therefore we strive to maintain a personal relationship with our clients and keep them informed and involved in every step of the process to make it as stress-free as possible.  Customers that choose Remodel Works are guaranteed a meticulous process that leaves nothing in the “grey” as we like to say.  From start to finish we plan out every detail along with our clients to assure that we are on the same page and have the same vision for what we want to create.  Additionally, we maintain flexibility in case any unforeseen changes occur in our remodeling plans.  Our system has been built to perfection, which is why Remodel Works has climbed its way to the top of the business.  If you have a vision for the Bathroom or Kitchen that you have only fantasized in your dream home, then coming into Remodel Works is the next step to make that happen.



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