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Kitchen Remodel Styles Defined: Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

San Diego kitchen remodelingThe one big step every homeowner has to take when they decide to have their kitchen remodeled is to choose their kitchen remodel style. While it might seem like a trivial step, the style of your kitchen reflects your personality in many aspects.
The kitchen is a staple of every home, the place where the family gets together to enjoy a meal, chat and to share all kinds of experiences. It’s undeniable: the kitchen brings the family closer. While San Diego has a rich tradition when it comes to kitchen design, San Diego kitchen remodeling experts report that many homeowners today choose to go along with the times, swapping the warmth and charm of the traditional kitchen for a streamlined and efficient modern design.
A Traditional Kitchen For A Heartfelt Home
A traditional kitchen, as the name would imply, has its roots in traditional kitchen design influenced by English and French design schools. They are rich in ornate details and supreme craftsmanship, often reminiscent of a genuine piece of art. Cabinets in a traditional kitchen often feature raised panels and large moldings. They also tend to feature a lot of colors, mainly pastel ones. Another important feature of a traditional kitchen are natural elements like stone or wood. The kitchen appliances are mostly assimilated into their surroundings, leaving features like stainless steel out of sight. Both the cabinets and floors tend to be colored in natural wooden tones.
A Playful Kitchen For The 21st Century
Non-traditional kitchen design is not necessarily the polar opposite of a traditional one, in fact it may even share some elements with that particular style. A non-traditional kitchen is just a step outside of the comfort zone that lets designers experiment with elements considered unorthodox. These modern style kitchen designs are perfect for playful individuals or those who like to think outside of the box. A non-traditional kitchen, unlike the traditional one tends to be very colorful. Unlike with the murky colors of a traditional kitchen, a non-traditional designer can experiment with vivid colors and even add some traditional elements like stone or woodwork.
However, non-traditional kitchen designers are not afraid to incorporate some unusual elements like glass-top surfaces and make sure that every inch of the kitchen is being used by incorporating smart storage. Modern cabinets are usually simple on the outside and without any ornaments, but rather sleek and elegant. Stainless steel is commonplace in a non-traditional kitchen, and appliances are often on display rather than concealed or blended in. Contemporary kitchen designs can experiment with various forms of lighting, like LED lamps or track lighting.
Let San Diego kitchen remodeling experts help you decide!
From modern contemporary kitchen designs to more traditional options we can help you design your dream kitchen.
Can’t decide whether to go wild with an eclectic kitchen design or play it safe? Our expert designers in Remodel Works can help you make that tough decision and help you pick the kitchen style that suits you. Contact us for free consultations and quote without any further commitments. Let us help you make up your mind and have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!



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