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Save Energy with Natural Lighting

Save Energy with Natural Lighting

With the growing concern for the planet’s well being and lack of renewable resources, going green has become not only a trend but a way of life for many and natural lighting is one example. From solar power to cars that run on vegetables, there are a lot of drastic changes you can make that are great for the environment but may be an inconvenience to you. A great step that won’t cause a huge shift in your personal lifestyle but will still contribute to conserving energy is integrating more natural lighting into your home. It may seem like something that may be difficult to do but if you are planning on doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the near future, adding natural lighting as a way to save energy is easily incorporated into your design.


Natural LightingIncorporating natural lighting as a way to save energy is a win, win situation. Not only are you helping conserve energy and resources but you are going to be able to greatly decrease your own electric bill. If you are already planning to undergo a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the near future, why not help the environment at the same time. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most used rooms in any household because they are used by everyone and for so many different activities. By creating more natural lighting in these rooms through adding or enlarging windows, you can contribute to the well-being of the environment every single day without lifting a finger.


Kitchens are often greatly enhanced with large windows over the sink or near a kitchen table because they make your kitchen not only look larger, but they also allow a lot of light into the room making the energy feel fresh and light. Large amount of natural lighting in the kitchen is often complemented by white cabinetry and light colored accents. Many homes that choose to add natural lighting as a way to save energy in their kitchen use accent walls in yellow or green, sterling silver fixtures and appliances, and white cabinetry to create a bright, happy kitchen for their family to enjoy. While those are more popular choices, natural lighting can go with any style of décor and will breathe life into your home.


You may be thinking that large windows in your bathroom may not be ideal. When trying to add natural lighting as a way to save energy in your bathroom, it is important to hire a remodeling company that has an experienced design team that can give you that beautiful natural lighting without sacrificing your privacy. The larger the bathroom, the easier it is to incorporate large windows but an experienced designer can often get natural lighting in no matter the size of your bathroom. In many homes, windows are located over the shower or bathtub offering some natural lighting but these can usually be enhanced to provide the optimal amount of lighting to come in. With bathrooms that have windows above the shower, an alcove shower or glass shower door could be put in to place instead of a curtain in order to allow more light in. There are many options to enhance the natural lighting in your bathroom; with the right remodeling team the opportunities are practically endless.


At Remodel Works Kitchen and Bath we pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company both in our own business practices and with the vendors we carry in our product options. For all our kitchen and bathroom remodels we are more than happy to assist customers in making their home more environmentally friendly and have experience in many techniques. Our designers have years of experience tailoring bathroom and kitchen remodels to customer needs and wants. If you would like to get more natural lighting as a way to save energy we are fully capable of helping you reach that goal.



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