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Schrock Cabinets

Schrock Cabinetry prides themselves on being “beautiful on the outside, smart on the inside”, declaring themselves as professionals in design and innovation. Schrock is part of MasterBrand Cabinets Inc. which is itself a leader in the industry as the world’s largest cabinet manufacturer. The company was founded by two brothers with Amish roots who took the inspiration of the Amish lifestyle and transferred that into their design and care of creating their products. Schrock is a brand with passion and commitment behind it that Remodel Works is happy to incorporate into any remodel.

In addition to being a quality company, they offer features that we believe are beneficial additions to any kitchen or bathroom. Such features include their “no-slam closing” function on all of their products as well as their load-bearing design that gives them the strength to last over time and allows you to put what you want in your cabinets. For customers on the go, Schrock even offers specialized storage in cabinets to make your life more efficient. With a variety of styles that encompass the classic beauty of Schrock’s cabinetry design, their products are a great choice when creating your new kitchen or bathroom.

Schrock firmly believes in their “FourEver Quality Assurance Promise” which is based on the principles of beauty, function, strength, and performance. By promising to commit themselves to self-defined excellence, Schrock has successfully been creating superior cabinetry for the last fifty years. These qualities are what make Schrock Cabinetry such a great company to work with and offer to our customers. Remodel Works believes in only offering our customers the best products to put in their home.

The environment has become a key issue in manufacturing products in the remodeling industry with the a high risk potential for waste and harm to the environment, it is important to Remodel Works to work with brands that value reducing this potential. Schrock Cabinetry has devoted themselves to being part of the solution. Schrock is a member of KCMA Environment Stewardship Program; by using safe materials, using low emission coatings on their cabinetry, and preventing waste, Schrock is continuously striving to make a positive impact. Remodel Works prides itself on being a company that chooses to work with companies who are environmentally responsible and contribute to their community as a commitment to good character and upstanding practices.

Remodel Works has been offering Schrock Cabinetry to customers as part of their kitchen and bathroom remodels for years and has seen nothing but great reception and beautiful outcomes. Remodel Works strives to make customers happy and to create the remodel of their dreams and has been able to do so with 8,000 satisfied customers and county in the San Diego area. Schrock cabinets have played a part in satisfying these customers by making quality products that withstand the test of time and keeping their “FourEver Promise” every time.



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