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Silestone Countertops – How To Clean & Maintain

Silestone Countertops – How To Clean & Maintain

Silestone Countertops – How To Clean & Maintain
There are a multitude of reasons why many homeowners decide to incorporate Silestone countertops into their home design. One of the main reasons is because of its resilience. Although this material is quite resilient, it still needs care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. What’s the best way to keep your Silestone countertops clean and prevent staining? Here are some of our top tips for how to clean and maintain Silestone countertops.
Why Choose Silestone?
Silestone, a combination of natural quartz and other raw materials, is extremely hard and resilient. It offers the beauty of natural stone in a wide range of colors and varying textures. Just like natural stone countertop materials, Silestone is great for both kitchens and bathrooms because it’s non-porous which makes it resistant to staining caused by kitchen items such as coffee or bathroom items like makeup. You can choose between suede, polished or volcano finishes to find the perfect style for your home. For other countertop material options, check out our guide to kitchen and bathroom countertops.
Silestone – How to Clean It
Cleaning is imperative to any kitchen or bathroom, but especially if you choose to install Silestone countertops. Consistent cleaning habits of your surface are important to ensure its longevity, especially since Silestone is known for its trademark sheen and luster.
For most common kitchen stains, such as food, wine or oils, a simple household cleaner is your best bet for keeping Silestone countertops clean. Simply apply the cleaning product to any stains, leave the cleaner on the surface for about two minutes, and remove with a non-scratch pad. (Stay away from Brillo or wire cleaning pads). After wiping off the household cleaner, use a cloth damp with water to remove any residue, then dry the surface. You can also use this same process to remove rust and several other stains from Silestone countertops.

For Silestone countertops that live in bathrooms or slightly damp environments, the best way to clean them is similar. Swap limescale remover in for household cleaner, spray surfaced with the limestone remover and leave on for 2 minutes before wiping off, and then wiping down with a damp cloth. Always dry your Silestone countertops after cleaning.
Preventing Stains on Silestone
People often ask “Does Silestone stain?” Since Silestone is made of quartz, and therefore one of the hardest, most durable countertop styles available, the best answer is that it is hard to stain or damage, but it is possible. Silestone is incredibly resistant to scratching, chipping and staining, but it’s just that – “resistant,” not indestructible.
Because Silestone is extremely dense, it’s difficult for liquids to absorb into the countertop. This makes it very difficult to stain Silestone countertops since the liquid has no chance to seep down into the material. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is to wipe up any spills right away with a damp cloth, or with the cleaning combinations mentioned above. You still need to take proper care of your countertop to make sure that it leads a long and healthy life, but if you do happen to make a mistake with it, the chances are good that it will be able to withstand the situation without leaving a mark.
Other Cleaning & Maintenance Tips
Here are a few other tips for when it comes to cleaning your Silestone countertops:
Do not use water repellents or sealants to bring out the luster – Once it has been installed, the sheen on Silestone is the natural luster of the material itself. If you use sealants or water repellents, you will create an artificial shine that discredits the inherent sheen of the Silestone. As a rule of thumb, never use paint strippers or any products with a ph of more than 10. Any cleaning bleaches or solvents should be significantly diluted with water and never left in permanent, long-term contact with the Silestone.
Be cautious with kitchen countertops – If your Silestone countertops are installed in your kitchen, you may be tempted to use the same products you use to clean other kitchen appliances to clean your Silestone countertops. But you must be cautious. You shouldn’t use degreasing agents (such as those used in oven cleaners) on Silestone countertops. You must also be careful to keep Silestone away from sources of extreme heat, which can sometimes be a tricky task in the kitchen. Lastly, you should always place hot objects and dishes on top of hot pads – never directly on Silestone countertops.
Even though Silestone countertops are considered very resilient, it is still important to do maintenance cleaning and upkeep to keep them shiny and new. Whether you have Silestone in your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas in the house, use our cleaning tips above to keep your countertops looking their best.



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