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Spring Cleaning Bathroom Design Tips

San Diego bathroom remodelingThe days are longer, the air is lighter, the sun is brighter – spring is finally here! Time for you shake off the cold and endulge in the invigorating freshness, and there’s no better place to start than your bathroom. Take you spring cleaning one step further and think of improvements you can make to your bathroom to create a bright and refreshing spring haven, dressed up in the latest spring cleaning bathroom design tips.


Customized lighting

Much has been said about the power of proper lighting, so just consider what a customized lighting design might bring about to your spring oasis. You can customize not only the layout but also the color of the lights for a sun-inspired bathroom design. Why put candles around when specially placed lights can mimic candle-light for the same effect, not to mention be tons safer.

Stylish eco-friendly solutions

If you want your bathroom clean, you’d better go green. This spring, go for environmentally friendly design solutions instead of traditional high-maintenance ones. Consider low-flow sink fixtures – they are both trendy and eco-friendly.

Free-standing bathtub

Whatever way you prefer to relax, there are plenty of options that are both soothing to the senses and pretty on the eye. Free-standing bathtubs are not only the perfect way to give yourself a spa treatment fit for Egyptian goddesses, but they are also a smashing hit in the cutting-edge bathroom design movement.

Stand-alone shower

There’s nothing quite like a soft drizzle on a warm day, and there’s nothing quite like a mist-spray showerhead to bring about that sensation. Stand-alone showers not only save you valuable space but can also be fully customized to include preset sprays and sprinkles, even music of your own choice.

Steam shower

Consider a walk-in steam shower with preset steam options and enjoy a cleansing sauna in the comfort of your own bathroom. When installed and used correctly, it can save a remarkable amount of water, not mention save space for dancing in the sunlight.

Refinished bathtub

Remember, relaxing getaways are no longer reserved for the well-heeled. If you want to go easy on the home budget but still have a touch of spring in your bathroom oasis, think about refinishing your existing bathtub. A fresh layer of brightly colored paint can bring about the much needed spring freshness, not to mention look trendier.

Natural flooring materials

Since it’s all about comfort, think about refinishing the floor, although here you might want to consider replacing the cold, impersonal tiles altogether. Soft materials like cork are ideal for walking barefoot, not to mention being highly sustainable and eco-friendly, and therefore, a real goodie in the designer world.

Spring San Diego Bathroom remodeling

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