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Swanstone Products

Swanstone is a surface created by Swan Corporation in 1987 beginning their long legacy by becoming the first in the industry to create a non-ceramic tile bathtub wall system. Swan Corporation has continued their pursuit of innovative greatness by successfully creating beautiful kitchen and bath products for fifty years through the use of their cast polymer surface that is the most durable in the industry, it’s actually about five times stronger than any of its competitors. Swanstone’s claim to fame is their “high performance solid surface” they have arduously designed to create the best product possible. Impressively, Swanstone is heat resistant up to four-hundred and fifty degrees, can withstand heavy duty abuse, and can withstand continuous exposure to chemicals, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Swanstone is a renewable surface which means that can have scratches buffed out in no time saving you the time and money of having your counters, sinks, or tubs replaced. What could be better than a durable, beautiful, and easy to clean product for your home?

Swan Corporation offers a wide variety of products using their Swanstone including kitchen sinks, counter tops, tub and shower surfaces, as well as vanity tops and bowls for a more luxurious design all in a beautiful variety of colors to suite your styling desires. Often over time we see discoloration in countertops that makes our home look dirty or unattractive, but with Swanstone, that can’t and won’t happen. What makes Swanstone even better for your style needs is that Swan Corporation continuously updates its color palettes, releasing new lines that accommodate trends that are current within the industry. Whether you want a minimalist, simple design or a contemporary design, Swanstone can be incorporated into your home to create the desired look.

Swanstone is a great choice for those looking to use environmentally conscious products. Because Swanstone is so strong and durable, it does not create waste by being removed and replaced. In addition, Swan Corporation has made changes to their manufacturing process to be more environmentally friendly. To further their environmental commitment, Swan is currently working on the “Our Planet Collection”, a line that will be increase sustainability while meeting customers’ design needs. Swan Corporation produces its Swanstone products completely in the United States, manufacturing in Illinois.

Swan Company is confident that Swanstone is the best product available to their customers in the industry and are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Swanstone products are backed by a limited warranty for each product to ensure the durability and customer satisfaction of their product. While having a warranty is a great comfort when investing in your home, rest assured that Remodel Works is confident in the quality and durability of Swanstone and highly recommend it for your next remodel. With more than 8,000 satisfied customers, you are in good hands with Remodel Works and we will help you find the best products for your home.



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