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TOTO Toilet Products

TOTO is recognized as one of the leaders in plumbing products, as a company they strive to create products that will improve the lives of users and are functionally innovative. TOTO is a popular choice among those looking to modernize their bathroom. TOTO has been nominated for and received many awards such as the Red Dot Design Award for their Neorest toilet which is a smart toilet they offer in their product line. In addition TOTO has received awards for their designs including the iF product award which speaks to their high level of product performance and consistent innovation. With unparalleled performance and design, TOTO is a great choice for your next remodel.

With almost a century of experience, TOTO is able to provide products that are reliable, durable, and of the utmost quality. TOTO dedicates a great deal of their time and energy on making sure they are providing top of the line products that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. TOTO offers a wide variety of bathroom products including toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, and a multitude of other accessories that can be incorporated into your bathroom individually to create a distinct, personal design tailored to your needs.

TOTO is a luxury brand and you get what you pay for. With smart products that can sense you walking into the bathroom and set your water temperature perfectly, you will be living like royalty if you choose TOTO. Whether you want to live like a king or simply want the best bathroom innovation has to offer, TOTO has a product for you.

TOTO’s guiding principle of “people-first innovation” is the basis for their design and innovation to bring the customer the best product possible. “People-first innovation” focuses on listening and researching customer needs that aren’t being met in the industry and creating products that will solve these problems. With professionals working to create the best solution for your bathroom needs, TOTO ensures they are up to date with the latest technology and are able to present the latest technology in an elegant, fashionable manner. From a design aspect, TOTO generally strives for a sleeker, modern look great for minimalist or contemporary designs. Even if you’re not into the modern or futuristic style, key pieces can be incorporated into any style to create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

TOTO is so confident in their impressive design technology that they put their money where their mouth is with their recently developed technical center where potential customers can see hands-on demonstrations to see, hear, and feel how the product works and will be incorporated into their home.

Remodel Works has been carrying TOTO products for years with great reception from customers of every walk of life. We are equally impressed with the elegance and tech savvy of this vendor and take pride in incorporating such products into our remodels. Remodel Works strives to make your dream space the perfect reality and we are confident TOTO products will do the trick. Their level of experience backed by global success makes TOTO a brand that we are confident will be a great addition to your bathroom.



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