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Touchless Toilets: San Diego Bathroom Remodeling

Touchless Toilets - San Diego bathroom remodelingWe all know for a fact that the bathroom is the most unhygienic room in any home. No matter how frequently you clean it or how sparkly it looks, it is the most fertile ground for bacteria to reproduce on. That is why our parents have always militantly taught us to wash our hands every time we go to the bathroom, especially the public ones in a hotel or a mall. According to a recent study, every time you flush an open toilet germs get sprayed 10 inches up, meaning that every time you flush you have a high chance of coming in contact with a nasty bacteria like E. coli.


The right solution

But what if there is a way to avoid touching the toilet handle and contracting such serious diseases once and for all? The latest invention from Kohler will forever change the bathroom remodeling industry and is so brilliant yet so obvious and simple one has to wonder “why hasn’t anyone come up with this before?” We’re talking about the touchless toilet flushing technology, the latest trend in bathroom remodeling.


How touchless toilets work

The touchless flush is based on the simple principle of motion detection. A battery-powered sensor built under the lid emits an electromagnetic field. When this field is interrupted, in this case by the wave of your hand, the sensor flushes the toilet. A special mark on the top of the lid will tell you where the sensor is so you wouldn’t have to wave your hand over the tank blindly. The touchless flush sensor is powered by 4 standard AA batteries, which you will have to change once they run empty. The sensor will alert you when the time comes to change them by emitting five beeps when activated.


The future of San Diego bathroom remodeling

The touchless toilet will have a vast role in preventing germs from spreading in your bathroom. It is an idea so innovative and so profoundly game-changing that in a couple of years will without a doubt become a standard in the bathroom remodeling business. If you want a touchless toilet in your home before anyone else, contact Remodel Works, a San Diego bathroom remodeling company.


One of the variants we offer is Kohler Cimarron, 1.28 gallon, two-piece touchless toilet with a powerful flush. The second is Kohler Sac Souci, is a 1.28 gallon, one-piece toilet equipped with touchless flush sensor and is an eco-friendly model as it saves water while providing you with a powerful flush. If you are fond of your tank as it is or have your eyes on a different style of a tank, do not worry! Kohler offers a touchless flush kit that is compatible with almost every toilet. Installation is easy and our San Diego bathroom remodeling experts will help you install it and revolutionize your bathroom, taking one step toward eliminating dangerous bacteria from your life.


Thinking of remodeling your bathroom?

Remodel Works, San Diego remodeling company is at the forefront of the home remodeling industry in California. We have an unrivaled reputation and both our clients and peers recognize our quality and expertize. Our partnership with brands such as Kohler, Jacuzzi, and NuTone ensures that we are up to date with current bathroom remodeling trends and one step ahead of the competition.



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