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8 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Your Dream Remodel

8 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Your Dream Remodel

When undertaking a remodel, one of the most common areas to target is the master bathroom. Your master bathroom is a space you will interact with each and every day, which makes it a vital space to love. The perfect master bathroom will mix both functionality and design and will correspond with your unique aesthetic tastes in order to give you a space you will love. To help you tackle your master bathroom remodel, here are a few master bathroom remodeling ideas. These eight master bathroom remodel ideas combine modern technologies with tried and true aesthetic choices to give you the knowledge foundation you need to dream up your perfect space.

#1. Radiant-Heat Flooring
When undertaking any remodel, you will have to choose where to splurge and where to save. For bathrooms, one amenity you may want to invest in is the addition of a radiant-heat flooring system. Many people know the jarring feeling of waking up and walking to the bathroom only to be greeted with ice cold floors on your bare feet; however, there is an easy solution. Radiant-heat flooring allows you to warm up your floors before you step on them and makes them a warm, inviting surface. If you add a timer, you can even set it for right before you wake up to make sure you never start your day with freezing floors again. Radiant-heat flooring is a technological luxury that can be taken advantage of to make your master bath more practical and more decadent.

custom bathroom shower#2. Customize Your Shower
When many people think of a custom shower, they picture a rain style showerhead. However, this may not be the ideal showerhead for you or your family. You can now make your shower feel like a custom, unique space tailored to your individual needs by investing in a high-end shower system that allows you, and any other users of the shower, to program your individual preferences into your own unique setting. Depending upon the shower system, you can customize any settings from water temperature and showerhead operation to pulsation intervals, body sprays, and even more.

The addition of natural light is a detail many people often overlook when designing a space, but it is one of the most important factors to consider. Natural light makes spaces look bright, inviting, and comforting. Nobody enjoys showering in a dark, dingy bathroom that is difficult to see in. One great way to bring in a flood of natural light is to install a skylight. Another great way to bring in light is having large windows on the outward facing wall. You will need to find the right balance of artificial and natural light for your space, but taking the time will always be worth it.

#4. Mix Your Textures
Texture is your friend when designing a space, and picking different textures that complement each other will elevate your space and make it exciting. Try pebble tiles for the base of the shower with marbled wall tiles for a stunning bathroom design. Regardless of your style, incorporating in different textures is a great way to elevate your space.

#5. Incorporate a Sizable, Unique Mirror
Often times bathrooms feature only a small plain mirror, but that does not have to be the case. Many people use their bathroom mirror each day to do their hair, put on makeup, or check their outfit, but not many master bathrooms have a mirror that do them justice. As with any room, mirrors can make a large impact on your master bathroom. Give a smaller master bath the illusion of more space with a stylish mirror that compliments the space. If you are choosing to invest in a master bathroom remodel, make sure to choose a mirror that is worthy of the new space you are creating.

#6. Choose Bold Finishes
Finishes are often the last choices to be made, but they also sometimes make the biggest difference in a master bathroom (or any remodel). Choose a faucet that pours water in a unique manner; choose a towel rack that adds to the style of the space; choose a soap dispenser that is both modern and functional. Finishes should be thought out, bold, stylistic decisions that quite literally finish your space and make it a complete aesthetic vision.

#7. Choose an Accent Wall
Accent walls are one of the simplest ways to dress up a master bathroom and make a statement in your space. Accent walls can take any number of forms, but one of the most timeless ways to update a master bathroom is to do an accent wall of tile from the top of the vanity the top of the wall. Another great way to do an accent wall is to do a complementary color. Have a beach house style bathroom? Choose blue. Looking to go simple and neutral? Even beige can add a nice complement.

master bathroom ideas#8.Bathtubs
Nothing says relaxation quite like a large, inviting bathtub. From elegant clawfoot tubs to built ins to floating bathtubs, there’s a style for any space. Choose you tub style to enjoy a luxurious spa experience whenever you want. We love stand alone floating tubs for their elegant design and as a stunning focal point of the master bathroom.

Incorporate any of these eight remodeling master bathroom ideas to create your ideal space.



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