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Beach House Bathroom Design: Color Ideas

Beach House Bathroom - San Diego RemodelWith so many beach house bathroom ideas, how do you choose the right design for your home? Before any bathroom remodel planning begins, the first thing you need to consider is the style you want to go with. From modern to traditional, you need to find the right balance of coastal elements while representing your personality. As one of California’s iconic beach towns, San Diego homeowners often choose coastal bathroom designs.

Once you know the style of your beach house bathroom, you need to think about the color palette. Some prefer the traditional marine trinity: white, blue and green palette; while others prefer warmer, contemporary color schemes. You also need to think about patterns. Blue and white stripes are the go-to trend with most San Diego bathroom remodel projects, but you might also want to experiment with something less traditional, such as sand textures.
Finally, a great way to add to the beach bathroom design is to use elements like seashells, starfish, or nautical instruments and tools. The choices are limitless, and you can find most of these simply by taking a stroll along the beach.
The friendly and acclaimed designers in Remodel Works have over 40 years of experience creating coastal bathroom designs and various other San Diego remodel projects. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners helping them bring different coastal bathroom ideas to life. However, there are a few common designs which are a good place to start when envisioning your future beach house bathroom. Find out more below!
Shades of blue
The best ally you’ll have when planning out beach house bathroom designs is the color blue. Paint your walls in a calming maritime blue shade. Contrast the walls with white tiled floors and the bathtub. Try a central bathtub (like a plate bathtub) also in white as a design feature. Or consider light curtains in a neutral color like beige for the same effect as well. Finally, use wall decor to bring in more coastal elements.
Non-traditional warm tones
If you are not a fan of blue walls and seaside themed elements in your bathroom, you could go for a more contemporary feel. One idea you might like for a modern bathroom design is adding smooth pebbles against a black or brown painted wall, which will give your bathroom a natural, beach-like feel. Your space will still feel like a beach house bathroom, but without the traditional blue and green palettes. Also, consider dark brown, wooden elements and a vessel sink for an extra luxurious expression.
Rustic bathroom
Combine pale blue walls with a white beadboard and dark blue elements for a dashing, cottage like bathroom. Use wooden bathroom elements with heavily prominent ornaments, possibly featuring beach themes like waves and shells. Consider shower tiles with a pebble texture and glass cabinets for an extra beach-like feel. You can even add some nautical elements like small ship wheels, bells, knotted ropes as coat hangers and similar. Your only limit is your imagination!
Bathroom with a view
If your bathroom is facing the ocean and you have an open floor plan, you should definitely use that to your advantage. Consider bigger windows or even glass doors, and you’ll have a perfect view every morning when you go in to freshen up. You might want to add some shutters so that your privacy remains your own. Consider a contemporary style for this bathroom, featuring reclaimed lumber tiles, warm color palette, and a fancy corner bathtub and/or a spacious shower cabin as a focal point to fill the space. As for the elements, consider a minimalist, modern approach.



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