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ADA Bathroom Features That Don’t Sacrifice Style

ADA Bathroom Features That Don’t Sacrifice Style

Designing a bathroom layout or completing a bath remodel that is both functional and stylish can be difficult in any scenario. This is especially so when that space also needs to be American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. The ADA was put in place in an effort to ensure that disabled people have equal access and convenience in public spaces. Maintaining compliance with the ADA is mandatory for businesses and public establishments, but is not required in private home spaces.

However, it can still be beneficial and prudent to incorporate within private residences as well. The focal point of ADA guidelines for bathroom layouts is measurement and spacing of several elements within the bathroom, such as the shower. It is vital that an accessible bathroom layout allow any person to be able to move freely around the space and access the fixtures, even when confined to a wheelchair. It is also important that fixture and door locations be within ADA guidelines to allow ease of maneuvering.

In addition to these elements, the ADA also mandates that grab bars be included in the bathroom by both the toilet and in bathtubs or showers. Whether you are looking to create an ADA bathroom design to make your private residence more inclusive or to have an ADA compliant bathroom design within your business, there are a number of different ADA bathroom layout items to consider that will allow your space to be both accessible and stylish. To help you create an aesthetically pleasing ADA bathroom, we have put together ten ADA bathroom layout ideas that maintain style while still being compliant.

  • Curbless Walk-In Shower: Incorporating a curbless walk-in shower will make a space feel modern, sophisticated, and appealing, while also making it possible for people confined to a wheelchair to easily enter the shower without assistance.
  • Occupancy Sensors for Lights and Fans: When generating an ADA bathroom layout, it is important to consider how individuals will access all switches and fixtures within the space. To minimize interaction with switches and automate processes, using occupancy sensors for lights and fans will allow you to have a space that feels technologically savvy, stylish, and ADA compliant.
  • Modern, Lowered Height Toilet: In order to make all fixtures and elements within the bathroom accessible, some heights may have to be adjusted, including that of the toilet. To incorporate a toilet that still adds style to the space, target a modern, lowered height toilet.
  • Wall-Mounted Sink: The inclusion of a wall-mounted sink within an ADA bathroom layout allows for both functionality and style to coexist. A wall-mounted sink will allow disabled persons confined to a wheelchair to be able to access the sink with ease, while also incorporating a design piece within the space.
  • Unique Grab Bars: To create an ADA compliant bathroom layout, it is necessary to have strategically placed grab bars in the space in accordance with ADA guidelines. However, these grab bars do not need to be an eyesore within the space but rather can be a stylistic addition that enhances the space. To combine safety with elegance, select unique grab bars that have high-end finishes, such as stainless steel or brass, with a creative design. One unique grab bar that can add a stylish flair to a bathroom is a “wave” style grab bar, which possesses a flowing shape that offers the support needed while enhancing the style of the bathroom.
  • Automated Sinks/Toilets: The most efficient ADA bathroom layouts incorporate the latest technological advancements to enhance the ease of use and prevent any potential compliance issues. One technological advancement to incorporate within an ADA bathroom layout is automated sinks and toilets. Automated sinks and toilets will simplify use and prevent the need to move handles, while also adding to the style and efficiency of the space.
  • Large, Open Shower with Seating: Having a shower seat is not only ADA compliant but can be a design feature within the space that makes it seem inviting and relaxing. Pick a modern, sleek tile in the shower layout to further enhance your bathroom space.
  • Unique Towel Bars: When creating an ADA bathroom layout, it is important to consider how an individual will dry their hands. Towel bars may need to be mounted at a lower level to be accessible, but can be a stylistic addition by choosing an ornate, unique towel bar and decorative towels to accompany it.
  • Wall Mounted Vanity with Side Cabinet Storage: In order to make sure a bathroom vanity is still accessible without sacrificing storage space, including a wall-mounted vanity with side cabinet storage accomplishes both ADA compliance with the addition of useful storage space.
  • Open Floor Space with Unique Flooring: As mentioned above, one of the main tenants of ADA regulations for bathroom layouts is the measurements and spacing of various bathroom element. This often requires open floor space to accommodate disabled people confined to a wheelchair to ensure all elements are accessible. While open floor space can seem like it would make the space awkward, it can actually become a design accent when incorporating unique flooring, such as a patterned tile.

As you can see, it is easy to incorporate style with ADA compliance. These 10 layout ideas can help you enhance your current design while also creating an easy to use bathroom for everyone.



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