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Choosing the Best Bathroom Floor Plan

Choosing the Best Bathroom Floor Plan

The bathroom is a critical component to any home. It should be comfortable yet efficient, providing the basic necessities and more. For many people, this space is the first room they enter in the morning, and the last room they visit before bed. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to design a bathroom with close attention to detail so that it can satisfy any need or purpose.

Aside from the closet, the bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home. Large or small, planning a new bathroom layout can be quite the challenge. Not only is it’s size a major factor, but it also has to be functional for multiple purposes. To make the most out of this limited area, start with a few bathroom layout ideas that provide excellent storage, sufficient floor space, and all the desired amenities. When selecting the materials for your bathroom remodel, we recommend choosing durable countertops and cabinets to increase the life of your bathroom.

Before diving into the bathroom layout, here are some important points to keep in mind for a successful design strategy.

Tip #1: Floor Plan & Usage
When it comes to your bathroom floor plans, make sure to utilize the full space. For example, if you are designing a bathroom for the entire family, try adding in a double sink vanity top. This addition will prevent many chaotic mornings when the whole family is fighting to get ready for the day.

Tip #2: Storage
Storage space is also an important factor. There is nothing worse than a cluttered countertop when the bathroom is already limited on space. While a pedestal sink may seem best for a minimalist look, the lack of countertops and storage can be a significant problem. Design a bathroom with built-in cabinets and drawers to hide toiletries and hygiene essentials for the best use of space.

Tip #3: Design Style: Look at the Whole Picture
When creating your bathroom floorplan and design, consider the overall style of your home. Do you have an open and modern layout, or is it more traditional? While you may not have the luxury to have a large space for an open layout bathroom, simple accessories and fixtures can portray a similar feel. When it comes to design, make sure this space cohesively fits with the overall theme of your home. Have a beachy feel throughout your home? Then choose a beach house theme for your bathroom as well. Take a look at the interior decor your home currently has, and have that be reflected in your bathroom remodel. From colors to countertops, all these details should blend seamlessly together with its surrounding rooms.

Tip #4: Bathroom Additions – Location Matters
If you are investing a bathroom addition, make sure the secondary bathrooms are located in a centralized area that can be easily accessed by visitors and family members. If possible, try to place your bathroom in a space that can bring in natural lighting, which will not only brighten up the room but will also provide necessary ventilation.

Now that we have a general idea of important principles in bathroom design, here are three common bathroom layouts.

Common Bathroom Floor Plans

Half Bath
The half bath is ideal for tight spaces or shared areas in the house. The half bath design is generally placed in the front area of the home, near the living room or kitchen. This simple layout is equipped with two out of the four bathroom fixtures, a toilet and a sink. Having an extra half bath is a key selling point for buyers, and can significantly increase the overall value of your home.

Three-Quarter Bath
As you might have guessed, the three-quarter bath lacks one of the four bathroom components. This bathroom floor plan usually contains a toilet, sink, and shower and is larger than the half bath. To make the most out of a three-quarter bath, use storage behind mirrors and in cabinets to create a more spacious atmosphere.

Full Bath

The full bath is the most sought after layout for any home buyer. Fully equipped with a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub, this bathroom layout is the largest and can be customized with several additional elements. In today’s market, having a full bath in a master bedroom can be a key selling point in a competitive area.
With this layout, you have the freedom to design a unique and stylish space. Most full baths offer the flexibility for multi-sink vanities, freestanding tubs, walk-in closets, and spacious showers for ultimate luxury.

For more bathroom floorplan ideas check out our bathroom remodeling gallery or contact our bathroom designers today and get a free quote on our bathroom remodel services.



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