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Bathroom Additions: Step By Step Project Planning Guide

A bathroom addition is one of the most asked-for home improvement projects we provide. Bathroom additions are a smart investment as they add value to your home and offer more space to growing families. According to our expert designers, bathroom additions are both practical and cost-effective, as you will see a significant return on investment down the road if you ever decide on selling your San Diego home. Below are some steps to consider before finalizing your bathroom addition plans. Whether you are planning a to add a master bedroom addition or a small bathroom our bathroom addition ideas can help you get started with your next project.

Find the Perfect Location

When planning a new bathroom remember that since your new bathroom needs plumbing and water, it is important to factor in the ease of access to utilities before you start planning a bathroom addition project. The least expensive option would be to set up the new bathroom close to an already existing water line, so that your existing plumbing system can be easily merged with your new bathroom.

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Analyze the Available Space

Now that you’ve decided where you want to place your bathroom, take a good look and see what you can fit in the available space. Be realistic about the possibilities when laying out your bathroom floor plans, as the seasoned architects at Remodel Works point out that for a shower or a bathtub you will need up to 35 square feet, while a powder room can take up as much as 20 square feet. If you plan to turn your new bathroom into a personal spa space by adding a hot tub or a walk-in shower that might take up significantly more space than you’ve originally planned. There a few ways to proceed with the room addition depending on how much additional space you need, which is why it is best to book a free appointment with experienced professionals so that they can help you decide which bathroom layout works best for you.

Countertop Materials and Designs

There is a wide selection of countertops you could enrich your new bathroom with. You can choose from various designs and materials like laminate, porcelain or ceramic tiles, and granite. Some of the most popular bathroom design choices this season include natural elements such as wood or stone.

Choose the Perfect Color Scheme

If you plan on spending what seems like hours in your new bathroom enjoying relaxing baths, you need to consider a soothing color scheme and avoid strong, bright colors. Our designers suggest choosing a calming shade of blue for a personal spa experience. Blue also complements trendy wooden and other natural surfaces and makes your bathroom appear wider. Another popular choice this season is a combination of black, white and grey for a more modern edge.

Bathroom Ahead of its Time

The 21st century has brought some of the most surreal bathroom features that not only look breathtaking but have a great practical value. If you are planning a bathroom addition why not make the most of it and design a bathroom ahead of its time. You could consider elements such as touchless toilets, in-floor heating, hi-tech features and similar popular trends. Your options are only limited as your budget is, but with a premium contractor like Remodel Works, you can save on your bathroom remodel and still get the bathroom of your dreams.



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