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Eco Friendly Kitchen Design Tips

Eco-Friendly KitchenWith more and more American homeowners paying attention to the impact they make on the environment, the demand for eco-friendly kitchen design ideas is on the rise. There is a vast range of products and services that can make your kitchen eco-friendly, including kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting – you name it. What’s more, when it comes to trendy kitchen design, green is definitely the new black. Get inspired with these eco-friendly design ideas.

Eco-friendly kitchen appliances

You don’t need to mount a full-scale kitchen remodel to make your kitchen look trendier. Instead, consider replacing older appliances with Energy Star-certified eco-friendly kitchen appliances. The products range from refrigerators and dishwashers to hot food containers and ice makers. And yes, these appliances are initially pricier, but they are mostly revered for the almost unimaginable return on the investment in reduced utility bills. Besides, designers are hot on turning everyday appliances into decorative elements, so there are already plenty of trendy interior design solutions for you to choose from.

Eco-friendly countertops

Traditionally, granite has been considered the most resilient material for countertops since it can endure high temperatures, moisture, even abrasive materials. However, the amount of energy required to make such a resistant material is unsustainable, so designers have moved on to less traditional, but more eco-friendly kitchen countertop solutions, such as bamboo, recycled glass, salvaged wood, even recycled paper. These materials lend themselves to innovative and trendy designs, which can give your kitchen the design makeover you desire.

Eco-friendly flooring

Many would be reluctant to admit there is a middle ground between a wooden floor and a traditional tiled floor, but modern kitchen design ideas go way beyond this binary choice. These days, the trendiest new eco-friendly kitchen flooring solutions are cork and linoleum. As a material, cork grows fast, which makes it not only sustainable but also soft. It is also resistant to dust and water and therefore an excellent choice for everyone suffering from allergies. On the other hand, linoleum is made from renewable materials and once installed, doesn’t release toxic chemicals. For all these benefits, designers are using them extensively in creating family-friendly, yet chic and trendy kitchen design solutions.

For really bold kitchen design ideas, consider custom-made repurposed wall tiles, teamed up with low-VOC grout. It is simple, yet unexpected and exciting.

Eco-friendly lighting

Nothing does the trick better than proper lighting and this is where Energy Star-certified solutions really kick in. With a vast range of bulbs, you make sure you save energy and cut down on your energy bills. What’s more, dividing your kitchen into separate or overlapping light zones makes the space more flexible and user-friendly. Lighting solutions range from task lights for enhanced visibility in the cooking area to ambient and accent lighting that can create different mood zones and direct the eye to the decorative elements at the simple flick of the switch. Consider Energy Star-certified, dimmable LED bulbs for a touch of romance in your kitchen.

Another cost-effective and eco-friendly kitchen design idea is cabinet refacing. Our kitchen designers love giving outdated kitchens a fresh new look and feel just by updating old cabinets.

San Diego kitchen remodel

For more ideas on how to get the kitchen design that will make your kitchen trendy and eco-friendly, make sure you contact us. We are your local remodeling company in San Diego, dedicated to satisfying the clients’ needs and wishes with care and patience. Call us today and let us show how we can turn your bold ideas into reality for a state-of-the-art kitchen remodel!





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