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Shower Tile Designs and Ideas

Shower Tile Designs and Ideas

Shower Remodel IdeasAn important element of any shower is the tile. Not only is the tile functional – it keeps from slipping while you use your shower – but it also is a key aesthetic piece that helps to create your shower and bathroom overall look and feel. If you’re planning to remodel your shower, taking time to research different types of shower tiles is one of the best ways to make sure you end up with a finished product that you absolutely love. Here are 16 shower tile design ideas to help you get started.

Subway Tile

Subway tile has risen in popularity in recent years, and become a staple of the trendy “farmhouse” style. It’s surely one of the most versatile options out there as far as tile goes, and even though it’s trendy, it still has a timeless look and feel. White is definitely the most popular subway tile option, but black is popular as well, and you can certainly find several other colored subway tiles, including blue, grey, and darker hues. Since subway tiles are simple, you can easily adjust the way you lay them to create your desired look. Mix things up by changing up the layout of the tile: either aligning it in a stacked pattern, offset, or even diagonal (Tile Shop)

To create a unique big-city look by using subway tile, consider using classic white subway tile, but grouting with a dark, black filler. This creates a chic finish that is nicely complemented by matte black accent and industrial accessories.

Hexagonal Tile

Use of hexagonal shower tiles is another bathroom trend that is popping up in showers (and kitchens, and bedrooms, and restaurants) all over the place. Hexagonal shower tiles are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and you can also find them in cascading colors (over a gradient), which will help create a sense of dimension and depth in your shower design. And although hexagonal tiles are highly trendy right now, it’s safe to assume that this trend isn’t going anywhere!

Baroque Tiles

If you like the intricate shape of hexagonal tiles, but want to venture further down the path of an intricate tile design, then baroque tiles may be exactly what you’re looking for. Baroque tiles are hallmarked by curved edges that are both feminine and powerful. You can access this aesthetic by using tiles in the shape of baroque patterns or using square tiles that are painted with these intricate shapes. Either way, they create a sophisticated, memorable look and work great as an accent tile.

Geometric Tiles

Another fun way to employ unique shapes in your shower remodel is by using unique geometric tiles. This creates a modern, almost futuristic vibe in any bathroom, and is well complemented by strong colors and lots of modern lines. If you want to create a bathroom like none of your guests have ever seen, the use of geometric tiles will certainly help you achieve this goal!

Glass Mosaic Accent Tiles

If you like the idea of a classic white tiled-shower, but want to intersperse some color, a great way to do that is through the use of glass mosaic accent tiles. Glass mosaic accent tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find something that fits your design and budget.

If you’re looking to create any sort of accent wall or pop of color, using glass mosaic tile is one of your best choices to do so. Simply use some colorful glass mosaic tiles to add a colored strip to your shower, or even a recessed shelf lining.

Using glass mosaic tile is also great because they come with colors already paired together that you know you love. If you choose to create a custom tile display, you will have to go through the process of setting a color scheme, choosing individual tiles, and making sure everything works together. When you opt for glass mosaic tiles, much of this work is already taken care of. This is a big reason why glass mosaic tiles are so popular and can be found at pretty much any home improvement store (Tile Shop).

Marble-Style Tiles

If you like the luxurious look of marble, you can easily incorporate it into your shower design with marble-style shower tiles. These tiles present the classic Grecian appearance of marble, to give your shower a classic look, but convey wealth and power. While you can find tile made of actual marble if you want, you can also easily find stone or mosaic tiles with a marble-like appearance for a much lower cost at your local home improvement store. Stone tiles that are manipulated to look like marble through screen printing are actually better for bathrooms since marble is notoriously slippery for tile floors. Actual marble is also highly absorbent and susceptible to staining, which are all less-than-ideal qualities for a room of your home that is frequently exposed to water.

Natural Stone Tiles

If you love the outdoors and want to bring the beauty of nature into your bathroom, then consider using natural stone tiles in your shower for the walls or floor. Stone tiles can be found in a variety of sizes and finishes, from large grey stone to smaller, mismatched pebbles inlaid in cement. Natural stone tiles are great for creating a calming bathroom aesthetic that evokes a day at the spa. And who wouldn’t want to have their very own spa at home?

Faux-Wood Tiles

If you love the aesthetic of wood planking and want to find a way to work it into your shower design, then faux-wood tiles are a great option for you. Although they are designed to look like wood, faux-wood tiles are usually made from porcelain (one of the most popular materials for tiles in any bathroom remodel). Like many of the faux-laminate and vinyl flooring options available today, faux wood tiles also come in a variety of colors and wood finishes. You can find a lighter wood that emulates bamboo, or a darker wood that creates a richer tone in your overall bathroom landscape.

Faux-Brick Tiles

If you want to create a rustic vibe and create a truly unique shower, then faux-brick tiles can help you achieve that aesthetic. Brick tiles aren’t made of actual brick, but rather, typically made from clay, porcelain and stone and then visually manipulated to look like brick. Especially when paired with wood-modeled walls and floors (like in this beautiful example from Home BNC), brick tiles are perfect for creating a cozy, cabin-like aesthetic that you can’t help but relax in.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles have become extremely popular in recent years for shower floors and walls, both in homes, as well as in commercial spaces. When used as shower tile, cement pieces offer a unique texture to see and feel, and can really be leveraged to create a bathroom that wows both your family and your guests.

Cement tiles also offer the benefits of being highly durable, as well as water resistant: both necessary qualities for bathroom and shower tiles. In addition, cement tiles provide a smooth finish without being slippery. Tiles made from cement offer the benefit of not being “slick like other glazed tiles and often come in a matte finish which won’t become a slip and slide when wet” (Granada Tile).

One way to employ cement tiles in your shower design is to use them in their natural state, and in colors like gray, beige, and muted red. Especially if you are looking to create a rustic aesthetic, or like the look of raw materials (maybe in an industrial setting), then natural cement tiles will be a great choice for you.

Scandinavian-Style Tiles

Scandinavian-style bathrooms have become increasingly sought-after in the United States over the last decade, and it’s easy to see why. These bathrooms are the pinnacle of simplicity, comfort, and functionality. If you’re intrigued by the idea of Scandinavian design, you can use it in your shower tile design by opting for natural wood tones and clean lines.

In addition, the imagery of the dark Scandinavian bathroom has taken Pinterest boards by storm. A great way to achieve this is by tiling your shower with bright white subway tiles, stacked on top of each other in vertical lines, and setting this bright shower against a darker-toned painted wall, in dark grey or even navy blue. Complete the look with rustic wood accents.

European or Country French Tiles

Another way to utilize European-inspired accents in your shower remodel is through the use of patterned blue tiles that hearken to the ever-popular country French style. The use of blue in your decor color scheme always provides a calming effect, and classic blue and white patterned tiles offer an understated elegance that elevates the style of any shower or bathroom.

Mermaid-Style Tiles

If you live near the beach or have a deep love of all things related to the ocean, then mermaid-style tiles (or Moroccan fish scales) may be your perfect shower tile option. This tile design is designed to mimic the tail of a mermaid, and instantly creates a unique look in any shower or bathroom. Since this pattern can be quite striking on its own, it’s best used as accent tile for a wall or a shelf inset. Pair a brightly colored mermaid tile accent wall with classic white surrounding tile walls to create a perfect oceanic bathroom aesthetic.

If a mermaid-tile is a little too in-your-face, but you still want to achieve an oceanic-inspired design for your shower, consider using shell tile, where bits of real or manufactured shell are inlaid into cement. You’ll feel like you’re standing on the beach every time you take a shower!

Ombre Tiles

Another way to make a statement with your shower tile is by creating an ombre-style design, with different shades of the same color family cascading down your shower wall. You can achieve this effect by seeking out small tiles in either mosaic glass or porcelain and in complementary shades in the same color family. Enlist the help of a tiling professional to create your perfect ombre accent wall, and design a truly unique shower.

Black and White Tiles

Black and white is a classic option for bathroom and shower floors. There are so many different ways these two different colored tiles can be strung together. You can use this color combination to create a distinctive “retro” look or arrange the tiles so that they mimic a classic Roman bathhouse floor, like in this example. Even if you want to use colorful walls or other accents in your bathroom, black and white tiles provide the perfect anchoring color scheme for almost any style. Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with black and white shower tiles.

Large Tiles

Finally, if you’re going for ease of installation (and ease of cleaning), one of your best options for shower tiles is going to be large format tiles. You can find these in a variety of shapes, although square and rectangular tiles are the most popular. There are so many benefits to using large tiles in your shower. For starters, they can easily cover large areas, so they are a great choice for large, master bathrooms. Plus, the larger tile sizes offer the illusion of making a small space look bigger than it is (Tile Shop).

A popular way of tiling a shower with large-format tiles is to opt for large, classic rectangular tiles, and stack them in direct lines, one on top of the other. It’s a subtle shift away from the usual way that tile is laid, so it draws the eye and makes a statement, but not in an overt way.
These are just a few suggestions to get you started as you start to think about remodeling your shower, and which different types of shower tiles best fit your ideal design and style. Take your time to select shower tiles that speak to you, and don’t be afraid to try something unique! The only necessary requirement is that you absolutely love the final product.




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