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Top Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2018

Top Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2018

Remodeling any part of your home can be a scary, overwhelming, and frustrating experience. If you’ve remodeled before and had a poor experience, you might be afraid of starting another (what seems to be) never-ending remodeling project (or “nightmare”). You may be saying, “Never again!” Or, you are at the point where you walk into your bathroom and see the outdated fixtures and cracked tile in the shower, and think to yourself, “I want to re-do this entire bathroom, but I have no idea where to start!” and then continue on your way with your old-fashioned style. There’s also those of us that look to hiring an interior designer and remodel crew to come into our home, give us an idea of what it could look like, and sign away, allowing them to freshen up our place. This could be the best decision you make during your entire remodel process. At Remodel Works, we offer free quotes for your San Diego County remodel. Let us help you every step of the way during your remodel. Request a quote today.

Getting started is sometimes the hardest step, but with the right information, it can be the easiest part (and the most fun)! This is the time that you get to be creative and let your imagination flow! Your possibilities are endless. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled information on the most popular trends and styles. All you need to do is pick which trends call out to you and match your personal style. After you’ve planned, everything is a breeze. If problems arise or you want to change something that you initially planned for, head back to the drawing board and re-evaluate your options. All of these practices together will give you the easy, stress-free, and fun bathroom remodel you deserve.

Although a bathroom size can range from big (luxury, master bathroom) to small (pocket-size bathroom), the list of things to consider for remodeling one is the same. Some important factors will be the must-haves (toilet, sink), and some will be add-ons to your bathroom area. All of these things are up to you (the creator and designer or your new space). With Remodel Works, we work with you so you can get the best return on investment for your bathroom remodel. 

Here is a quick list of things to consider for a bathroom remodel to get your wheels turning (or read here for a more extensive bathroom remodel checklist):

  • Toilet (style, color, type of toilet handle/flush)
  • Shower (material for the walls, material for the floor, style of fixtures/faucets/shower head, walk-in or with a tub, shower door or none, material for shower curtain)
  • Tub (material of tub, connected to shower or stand-alone, jacuzzi tub or basic)
  • Sink (material of sink, color, style of faucet/fixtures)
  • Flooring (material for the floor, dark or light color, pattern, temperature of the floor)
  • Shelving (material of cabinet doors if any, color, open shelving or closed off, how much storage needed)
  • Counter (material, how much area for countertop)
  • Walls (paint color, or add a material to walls)
  • Accessories (bath mat, rug)
  • Color Scheme (which colors do you like together, what colors match your style, what colors make you think of a fresh and inviting space)
  • Functioning vs. for Show (will the space be used as a functional and practical space, or is it just for show)
  • Floor Plan (how could you move things around, toilet, shower, etc.)
  • Bathroom size (be realistic about the size of space you have to work with)
  • Patterns (which patterns do you like on the floor, walls, shower, etc.)

The list provided may seem like a lot to think about right now, but it is helpful when figuring out your own personal style. If you aren’t really sure what you like (or you like a lot of different styles), then you’re at the right place. By matching different personalities with different styles, textures, and materials, you may just find the perfect remodel ideas to implement in your own home.

Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone. Feel free to mix styles around and create a space that is 100% you. That is of course what this all about…answering your questions about what is trendy this year, and “What’s your ideal bathroom style?” The message I’d like to start you off with is that 2018  is the year for functionality, minimalism, and conservation! You’ll soon come to see what exactly that means in terms of a bathroom remodel.

The Out of Date Duo: Tub and Shower

There’s nothing that saves more room than the combination of a tub and shower. Although it may be convenient and functional, the bathroom remodel trends 2018 are saying otherwise in terms of style. This year, designers have said goodbye to the old-fashioned bulky tubs and showers. If you have little ones at home and/or if you sometimes just want to soak in the tub, go for it! With limited space, it’s hard to separate the tub and shower. By creating a clean and sleek shower and tub combo, your bathroom will stay up-to-date and trendy. Nothing is better than functionality, simplicity, and comfort.

Consider the Floorplan

With so many options of where to lay things out in your bathroom, it is essential that you consider your floor plan during the planning stage of your bathroom remodel. If you are planning to change plumbing, wall placements/support, and other major moves, make sure that the space is thoroughly thought-out and that it works exactly for what you need.

When choosing the best bathroom floorplan (or creating the floor plan, if you’re building the house from the ground up) be sure to create a realistic space. This is where that word “functionality” I’ve been mentioning really comes into play. If you do not have a functional space to move around in and use, you will regret the money spent on the remodel. Do not make the mistake of prioritizing style and looks over the practicality and functionality of the space.

Draw it out! I cannot emphasize this enough. The more you draw out the floorplan you envision for your bathroom space, the better thought-out your ideas will become. I’m a firm believer in seeing it to believe it. If you start moving things around without fully thinking things out (or measuring), you may find yourself in a lot more trouble than when you started the project. Things will not fit, or they will stick out, interfering with your use of the space.

Side note: plumbing is an expensive thing to move around. Once a toilet, shower, sink, or tub are in place, it will be costly to freely move them around. Plan out the space before making any permanent decisions.

Color Trends

If 2018 bathroom remodel trends have taught us anything, it’s that colors are a key factor in making a clean bathroom space. Designers are ditching colors that appear dated (mustard and salmon to name a few) and traditional neutral colors. Beige used to be the go-to color for any home/bath remodel. It needs updating, and too much of it can become boring and tired for a home. Colors that are too extreme can also make it hard to sell your home, as interested buyers see the color and are immediately unattracted. These types of colors also make it hard to easily upgrade the style of a bathroom without painting the walls.


When looking for a color that matches the feeling of a fresh, new, clean space, go for something rich and bold. That being said, do not (and I emphasize do not) paint every wall a deep red, or make the entire bathroom navy blue. This will make the bathroom feel like a dark hole.

To create a space that feels open and inviting, paint all of the walls white except for one — make this wall the rich and bold colored one. This creates an accent wall and compliments the other touches of color in the bathroom (possibly a vintage rug). You’d be surprised with how far a single colored wall can go in terms of making your bathroom welcoming and complete. By keeping most of the room white, the bathroom will feel lighter and more spacious.


Similar to my advice about not overdoing it with the “all red” or “all navy blue” walls, don’t get carried away with white paint and fixtures either. Although all-white makes the room look very open and clean, it can experience more noticeable wear-and-tear over time. With all-white, it is easy to see stains and dirty much better too.

Simple Shades

For a simple and clean looking bathroom, olive green and a soft-blue green are great colors to put off a happy and revitalizing feelings. These colors aren’t extreme (not a bold and rich colored accent wall), but aren’t a boring and dull neutral either. They are colors that go well with clean surfaces and different accessories, so you won’t get tired of it and have to paint in the next year or so. This color scheme is normal for a traditional bathroom. It provides simple color shades and clean lines for the whole bathroom. There’s no crazy fixtures or accents here; simply simplicity, functionality, and freshness.

Shower Design

In terms of your shower design, you can go any way you want. Read more here for Shower Design 101.

For maximum functionality, a shower and bathtub combo would be your go-to choice; however, if you don’t need a bathtub, go for a trendy shower! Walk-in shower benefits are amazing and definitely worth noting for making your final decision on the shower type you choose.

Showers with metal frames are a new hit in 2018. The frames make the shower look window-like and create a bathroom that looks and feels much bigger than it really is. The metal on the frames also adds a touch of the rustic and industrial style.

A simple glass wall is another trendy idea for separating a shower from the rest of the bathroom. This design can be taken in various directions such as a modern approach, European style, or simply a clean and sleek layout. Whatever you decide to do with the glass, it is guaranteed to make things feel more open and functional.

Although people steer away from hanging shower curtains, they are not out of style. They are functional, practical, and can sometimes even brighten up your bathroom. Get a color that compliments the colors in your bathroom. If your bathroom is mostly white and you want to add a dash of brightness, get a shower curtain with a fun design or pattern. If you want a clean and simple look, go for white. Shower curtains are made in all sorts of textures (plastic, cotton, cloth, etc.), so your options are endless. If you’re unsure about a few different colors and/or designs when looking at them in the store, bring them home and hang each of them up! Compare, see which one you like best, and return those you don’t! It’s as simple as that.

Tile Patterns

Popularity for the chevron tile pattern peaked in 2016 and carried over to 2017, but it started to drop in 2017 and continues its downfall as I write. Although it was the hottest new trend not too long ago, it is now seen as old school—especially when the chevron pattern is on the wall. As you will read more in the flooring section, patterns are transitioning from walls to floors, as floors are becoming the main accent piece of a room.

Different patterns of the same color used together can create a fun and inviting space as well. Although for some people it may be too busy to have four or five different patterns going on next to each other, it’s a trend growing in popularity and it works for those with a minimalist style.

Ceramic tiles and textures are the new big hit for remodeling! With the capability of looking like almost anything (literally everything including granite, marble, slate, and wood), ceramic stands as an affordable option that people need to take advantage of now! Ceramic textures are also much easier to maintain than other textures such as marble and wood. They allow you to enjoy high-quality results without the high cost.

Honeycomb tile has been around for a few years, but is still trendy, as it gives the impression of a much larger area (making small spaces look bigger). If you have a narrow bathroom, this is a great tile to use for the ground, as it makes the space look a little wider. By adding brass fixtures/faucets and some yellow honey accents, your small space is cute and complete!

Fish-scale pattern is another fun and popular bathroom tile this year. The tile has a scalloped shape, making it look like goldfish scales. This pattern could be a fun one to use as an accent shower wall.


Granite was the rave a few years ago and stood its ground as a superior quality material for quite a few years before that. However, granite is losing its popularity as a focal point and for many designers, seems old and dated. The new rave is marble and quartz countertops.


The latest trends for flooring are a little all over the place. Almost anything you choose to put on your floor will be in-style (as long as it goes with the rest of the style you have going on).

Wood Flooring

The popularity of wood floors has increased tremendously in the past few years. The trends of 2018 aren’t shying away from the either. Light colored wood, dark colored wood, or somewhere in between seems to be a hit in almost any home.

Although tile is generally the go-to for bathroom floors, wood works just as well for the material of your floors. It also creates a fluid style if the area outside the bathroom has wood floors as well.  

Wood floors can achieve a variety of different styles within a bathroom. The following are some trends you can shoot for with wood flooring:

  • Natural Materials: By using blonde natural colored wood, you can create a warm, relaxing, and peaceful space that is enjoyable.
  • Minimal Rustic: By using a dark wood floor, the space will feel simple, cozy, and homely.
  • Industrial: Any type of hardwood flooring can go in an industrial styled bathroom. However, this doesn’t mean that the wood needs to be rough and splintery. Exposed elements (including the wood) in the bathroom can make it industrial, but still functional and comfortable.
  • Renewable Materials: For the person who is all about the environment and going green,  choose to use bamboo floors! They provide amazing durability and are an excellent renewable resource.

Tile Flooring

For many years, tile has been the go-to choice for the cleanest and most durable bathroom floor. There isn’t much to argue about when the tile is easily kept clean and looks sleek. Certain styles of tile are no longer trendy, while some are taking off with their popularity. Here’s the scoop on the newest tile trends to hold on to, and those to leave behind.

A popular trend has been a matte finish over the once popular glossy tile bathroom floors. The dull-look from the matte finish brings warmth to the bathroom with its soft textures, giving it a smooth and comfortable look. This style of tile ties into a minimalistic bathroom design with a natural feel—a trend that is also heavily influencing interior design.

Terra-cotta styled tiling is also a favored tile choice. Similar to the matte finish, terra-cotta tile isn’t glossy either. Whether laid out on the floor as square tiles or arranged in various shapes to create a pattern, terracotta tiles brownish-red-orange color gives it an earthy look that expresses a more organic and natural feel as well.

More recently, tile patterns have become the main accent for an entire room/space. It’s a popular trend that continues to take off and gain more approval. With a pattern on just the floor, and light colored walls (i.e. white) or an accent wall to create a two-toned effect, a minimalist approach can be achieved. (more about patterns in pattern section)

Accent Rugs

Accessories to decorate bathrooms have taken a complete 180-degree turn from what they used to be. Instead of the basic bath mat that matches under the sink and around the toilet, designers are going for authentic and vintage rugs. The goal here is to promote elegance but keep the bathroom simple as well. Vintage rugs provide a dash of color and pattern, which helps dress up a simplistic and clean approach to a bathroom.

When planning out your floor plan and choosing the shower bathtub, consider the size and style of your accent rug if you want it to fit into the layout. However, don’t plan your entire bathroom around a rug. Although it does sound silly, it happens. Keep an open mind to it all. There is a huge variety of vintage rugs and they each offer their own unique style. Choose a few different styles and sizes and see which works best for your space.


Functionality and practicality call for storage! A common misconception about storage is that it’s ugly…big bulky cabinets that take up bathroom space; however, storage doesn’t have to be ugly. The key here is to find the best spot for storage. Utilize corners that are left empty, tall ceilings that go wasted, and spaces that are below eye-level. This goes for big and small bathrooms. Storage is your best friend…it knows everything about you, but hides it and keeps it safe when visitors come over. So, let’s be honest, we all need our best friend to keep our things hidden.


High-tech accessories are always a trendy option, especially in 2018. This includes accessories such as digital temperature settings for your water, which enables you to set your shower at a preferred temperature. This results in a steady flow of water that doesn’t change temperatures during your shower, ultimately saving you money and time spent adjusting and waiting for your desired temperature.

Another high-tech bathroom installation is heated floors. Although they aren’t a necessity for living in San Diego, they sure are nice to walk on in the early mornings of the winter. They automatically heat to a certain temperature, so your tile floors won’t feel so cold, especially during the winter months.

For a consistent refreshing look for your bathroom, add accessories that are mostly white, but don’t be afraid to add a hint of some bold colors, such as green. You can add wooden accessories too, such as bamboo accessories.

For a simple and clean looking bathroom, olive green and a soft-blue green are great colors to put off a happy and revitalizing feelings. These colors aren’t extreme (not a bold and rich colored accent wall), but aren’t a boring and dull neutral either. They are colors that go well with clean surfaces and different accessories, so you won’t get tired of it and have to paint in the next year or so. This color scheme is normal for a traditional bathroom. It provides simple color shades and clean lines for the whole bathroom. There’s no crazy fixtures or accents here; simply simplicity, functionality, and freshness.

Accents for a certain feel

Brass and metal finishes are becoming more popular accents. Providing an industrial look, but also a look that could tie in with rustic, traditional, or modern style bathroom, these finishes aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Mirrors (and glass) are the best accents to make a room feel and look bigger. The reflection has that impact on every room, but for small pocket bathrooms, you can truly feel a difference.

For a bathroom that feels like a spa, aim for lots of open space. Put the tub out in the open, have a marble countertop, and even add a chandelier to create elegance and style.

Modern is a style that varies from person to person, depending on what their definition and linking of modern is. If you want extreme modern, possibly you go for clean lines on all fixtures and faucets, simple and geometrical shapes, a simple color scheme, very few earthy touches, and that’s it. For a mix of modern and vintage, simply add a rustic rug to warm up the room and bring it color.

For all things industrial, have exposed textures and fixtures stand as the accents of the room. Exposed light bulbs and piping are the two most popular things to give an industrial feel. If you want to add a vintage touch to the industrial style, install dark tile or a vintage looking wallpaper to stand as the vintage accent.

Bathroom remodeling trends to avoid include rose and copper finishes. Use of these finishes is declining, as gold, bronze, and silver increase. Although they may only small touches, they can heavily impact the overall look of your bathroom.

Small Pocket Bathroom

You may have what feels like the smallest bathroom on planet earth, and think that there’s no way you can remodel or redesign it to make it more functional and YOU!

Having a window is key in tiny bathrooms. It brings in natural light and makes the space feel breathable and more spacious. To add character and personality, find a tile that has a small pattern on it, and use it as your accent of the space. Keep the space as light and bright as possible. Any rich or dark colors will make the space feel smaller than it is. For a finishing touch, bring in a small plant—it will give life (literally) to the bathroom.

Large Master Bathroom

You may have what feels like the biggest bathroom on planet earth, and that you could fit a king sized bed inside of it. Because you have so much space to work with, the planning for your bathroom remodel may be a bit easier. However, too much space may be dangerous as it’s easy to get carried away and go overboard with decorations and fixtures that are unnecessary. Like mentioned before, a minimalistic style and practicality are the important trends of 2018. Stick to this trend, and your master bath will look functional, clean, spacious, and welcoming.

Read more here for 8 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Your Dream Remodel.


As I’m sure you can see, a remodeling project in a bathroom has a ton of nuts and bolts. However, the challenging part isn’t knowing the design trends or styles (if you think this is the challenging part, reread all of the above info), it’s narrowing down your options of what you’ll love most!

Your decisions that need to be made have tons of options, so no need to panic. Knowing all-things needed for a trendy bathroom remodel and having the experts at Remodel Works to help you along the way, we believe you are ready to create a space that is truly functional, practical, clean, and you. Contact us today and get started on your new bathroom remodel.



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