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Bathroom Tiles: How to Make the Right Choice

Bathroom Tiles: How to Make the Right Choice

Embarking on a bathroom renovation project can be really challenging. You need to make so many choices. You should pick the right amenities, harmonize all the fittings, fixtures, and other accessories, and most importantly choose the most suitable tiles

Incorporating the right tiles sets the tone of your bathroom and the wrong choice can turn your relaxation oasis into an arid desert. So if you have any doubts regarding which tiles suit your bathroom best, contacting experts specializing in bathroom remodeling in Encinitas is a great way to get some recommendations. 

But if you want to delve into the topic and learn a secret or two yourself, check the article below as we list significant pointers to help you make the right decision. Read on!

What is the most popular tile for bathrooms?

Most homeowners opt for ceramic tiles for their bathrooms. This is because they’re available in numerous sizes, hues, and shapes to suit different preferences and styles. They’re also highly durable, resistant to water and moisture, and low maintenance.

Porcelain tiles are a kind of ceramic tile favored by many people as well. They’re highly durable and pretty straightforward to clean. 

What is the most popular color for bathroom tiles?

Neutral-colored bathroom tiles such as gray, beige, brown, taupe, white, etc. are most people’s choices as they introduce a classic charm into their living spaces and complement many styles. They can enhance the minimalistic look of your bathroom and go perfectly with a more traditional ambience you’re striving to achieve. 

These shades will also create a tremendous sense of spaciousness, expansion, and hygiene in your bathroom. On the other hand, some people like experimenting with colors and shapes. These individuals prefer bolder shades and patterns to obtain a unique look that stands out from the crowd.

How do I know what tile to use in my bathroom?

With many options available, choosing tiles that suit your bathroom can sometimes be a strenuous process. To save you from all that stress, we’ve compiled all the factors you should consider when picking the right bathroom tiles:

  1. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you strive to create a minimalistic hygiene haven or want something more traditional? Think about the style you wish to obtain, consider the look of the rest of your home, and opt for tiles that introduce balance into your space.
  2. Your bathroom’s size plays a vital role in your decision-making process. Large format light-colored tiles make a tiny bathroom roomier and airy. Small-sized tiles with intricate patterns are more suitable for larger spaces. If you use them in a small bathroom, you’ll only get a visually cluttered area that won’t make anyone feel relaxed.
  3. Consider maintenance requirements as well. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to clean, whereas natural stone tiles are more susceptible to mold development and you’ll need to seal them regularly.

Pro tips:

  • If you’re unsure what tiles to choose, you can take samples home to examine them under your bathroom’s light. This will help you see which tiles go with your bathroom accessories.
  • Professional help may be crucial if you get stuck and can’t make up your mind. Bathroom reconstruction experts will understand your needs and desires and offer diverse solutions that suit your household best.

Who provides top-of-the-line bathroom remodeling in Encinitas?

What is the most popular tile for bathroomsIf you want to pick tiles for your kitchen, need help coordinating your kitchen tiles with your countertops, or can’t breathe new life into your bathroom, don’t hesitate to rely on professionals. Remodel Works offers reliable services throughout Encinitas and beyond. 

Our versatile and experienced team will do their best to help you create a bathroom you’ll be proud of. Enjoy your day off at Moonlight State Beach and let our professionals rejuvenate your bathroom to match your personal style. Call today!



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