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How to Coordinate Tiles With Your Kitchen Design

How to Coordinate Tiles With Your Kitchen Design

Every detail is important when redecorating your kitchen. That’s why you pick your cabinets, countertops, and appliances carefully. But what really sets the tone is the tiles you choose for the backsplash and the floor.

However, finding tiles that will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design isn’t easy at all. There are too many options, and you need to consider the room size, what tiles are recommended for floors, and how to coordinate them with countertops and other pieces of furniture. To help you create the cooking space of your dreams, renowned kitchen remodelers from Encinitas reveal some secrets to picking the right tiles. Read on!

What size tiles make a kitchen look bigger?

To make your kitchen appear more spacious, choose large format tiles for your floor and walls. Larger tiles can create the illusion of spaciousness for these 3 reasons:

  1. If you install larger tiles, you won’t have as many grout lines breaking up the wall or floor. You’ll obtain more uninterrupted surfaces, create a sense of continuity and expansiveness, and make the space look larger.
  2. Small tiles with intricate patterns overburden our perception making small spaces seem more confined. In contrast, large-format tiles add a streamlined appearance and reduce visual clutter. Thus the space feels airier.
  3. Some large tiles, like glass and glossy porcelain tiles, can reflect light in the kitchen, making it seem brighter and bigger.

Large format tiles make a kitchen appear more spacious, however, other details, including the layout, the color scheme, and the overall aesthetic, are also crucial. The right tile type and size can maximize the visual appeal and make a roomier, more welcoming kitchen.

Should you use the same tile on the floor and wall?

If you use the same tile on the floor and wall, you’ll obtain a more cohesive look. However, it isn’t always the best option. Before you make your decision, consider the following:

  • If you install the same tile type on the kitchen floor and wall, you can obtain a seamless continuity in your space. This trick can be useful in smaller kitchens as creating the visual illusion of spaciousness is vital here.
  • The same tiles on horizontal and vertical surfaces give a minimalist look, whereas a mix of tiles can create visual interest.
  • There is a difference between floor and wall tiles. For instance, ceramic or porcelain tiles are recommended for walls and floors due to their durability and low maintenance. However, some glass and ceramic tiles are only suitable for vertical surfaces due to their limited durability.

How do you coordinate floor tile color and countertops?

To create a balanced kitchen design, you should coordinate countertops and your floor tile color. Here are 6 tips to give you some ideas:

  1. Your floor tiles can contrast or complement your countertops depending on the look you want to achieve. For a more cohesive design, pick tiles that match your countertops. But if you wish to create a visually appealing look that highlights different aspects of your space, select contrasting colors.
  2. If the countertops boast warm undertones, like cream or beige, you can select floor tiles with matching warm undertones, such as taupe or tan. This will help you create a harmonious atmosphere in your space.
  3. You can strike a balance between the darkness or lightness of the floor tiles and the countertops to obtain a visual balance in your kitchen. For example, light floor tiles can go very well with dark countertops, brightening the space and preventing it from appearing too gloomy or heavy.
  4. Floor tile pattern and texture are vital for creating an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. If the countertops have simple patterns, opt for floor tiles with visually appealing textures to add more dynamics to your space. But if the countertops have some unique pattern or texture, pick simpler floor tiles to avoid creating a visually overwhelming space.
  5. Consider countertop and floor tile maintenance. For both, select sturdy and easy-to-maintain materials.
  6. Take floor tile and countertop material samples home to check if they create the desired look and how they go with your kitchen elements and lighting. This will help you envision the outcome and ensure the chosen colors perfectly harmonize with your space.

Where can I find experienced kitchen remodelers in Encinitas?Should you use the same tile on the floor and wall

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